Live Rock Enhance Bacterial Conditioner 2Oz / 57g By Reef Brite


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The Reef Brite Live Rock Enhance is an extremely concentrated blend of bacteria and supporting enzymes designed to quickly clean and cure both new and old live rock. The microbes in Live Rock Enhance become activated when added to water and will rapidly break down hidden organic material and wastes, unclogging the pore structure within the rock and enhancing the biological filtration capacity of any rock. Live Rock Enhance can also help to revitalize sump biofilters, sandbeds, refugiums, and other areas where detritus accumulates over time. This allows these natural filtration sites to function more efficiently, keeping your aquarium healthy and clean.


Promotes rapid and complete curing and cycling of new rock
Revitalizes old rock, sand, and filtration systems
Supports healthy biological filtration
Discourages unwanted microorganisms from attaching to rock
Ideal for reef aquariums as well as fish only systems
Unmatched bacterial density (no water)


Ingredients: Cultures of proprietary microbes, including Bacillus subtillis, Bacillus licheniformis, and attendant enzymes. Botanical extracts to aid adhesion.
Approximately 7 billion colony forming units of bacteria per gram (cfu/g)
Treats approximately 2000 gallons


Add one scoop per 25 gallons in an area of high circulation every other day for the first week. For smaller tanks (10-15 gallons) use half a scoop. For larger systems use one teaspoon per 100 gallons.
For optimal results add to a few ounces of aquarium water in a separate container and let sit for 20-30 minutes, making sure to stir about every ten minutes to ensure best rehydration rate, then pour into aquarium.
Repeat dose every week thereafter until the desired results are achieved. Maintain adequate aeration and water circulation.

Notes & Tips

In early stages of curing, cloudy water is normal.
Dose daily until ammonia level is zero, and the water is clear.
Live Rock Enhance is a live culture, so it is recommended to turn off UV sterilizers while dosing.
Curing is further enhanced by aeration, use of a Protein Skimmer, and changing water when it clouds.
Replace dose whenever water is changed.
Oxygen becomes more soluble as water temperature and salinity decreases; therefore, curing is faster and easier at lower temperatures and salinities. We suggest while curing to try to keep water at about 72° – 73° f and 1.020 – 1.021 specific gravity.

What’s Included?

1x 2 ounce Live Rock Enhance

1x Measuring Scoop

Additional information

Weight 60 g


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