Kessil A360W-E Tuna Blue LED Light


At the junction of performance and aesthetics, Kessil introduces revolutionary lighting that captures the power of the sun. Kessil’s award winning lights address all the needs of saltwater tanks while remaining simple and accessible.

Kessil lights are the only LEDs capable of producing a spectacular shimmer that rivals MH. The effect gives the look of natural sunlight on a coral reef. It’s like having your own piece of the ocean. The Kessil LED Chips are manufactured in-house with spectrums customized for aquarist needs. Dens Matrix technology is used to build LED arrays with unique spectral blends. A proprietary blend of UV light enhances coral growth and colour. Patented Dense Matrix LED technology concentrates multiple LED chips into a single light source, creating better and deeper penetration, without sacrificing coverage. New E-Series LEDs are 15% brighter than previous Kessil LEDs.

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When designing the Kessil A360WE they spent millions of dollars and five years researching a different approach to LED. Instead of individually wrapped LED chips, Kessil tightly packs them together. This results in blends of different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform colour throughout your tank. The single light source eliminates the spotlight effect, effectively spreading the light over a wide area.



The new proprietary Kessil Logic™ is featured on the A360WE LEDs. It is a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise colour blending and optimal coral growth. Before you could vary the light intensity of two different channels to find the desired color and intensity mix. Now users can select the perfect spectrum and colour with one knob and then adjust the intensity with the other boosting the light output at both ends of the spectral tuning range by as much as 30%.



  • Kessil Controller (sold separate)
  • On/off timing
  • Intensity and colour spectrum adjustment
  • Compatible with 0~10V Controller
  • Control multiple lights by connecting them with the link cable



  • Dimensions: 2.96″ Length x 4″ Diameter
  • 24″ surface diameter by 3′ penetration (on average)
  • Power Usage: 90W
  • Power Supply: 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC, 1.87A (Output)



  • Kessil A360W-E – Wide angle lens for the best spread and coverage



  • Kessil A360W-E LED Light with Cord
  • Extension Cable
  • AC Adapter
  • Power Cords (UK & EU)
  • Two Metal Hooks – to attach light to wood, acoustical tile or other ceiling
  • Two Light Mounting sets
  • Gooseneck sold seperately.

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Additional information

Weight 1850 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


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