Aquatics RO System For Saltwater Marine & Discus (AQUARO50)


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Aquatics RO System For Saltwater Marine & Freshwater Discus Aquariums

Features & Information
  • Up to 189 litres (50 GPD) 378 litres (100 GPD) per day of on-demand purified water, ideal for use in aquariums 
  • Works on mains pressure (2.8 bar+) requiring no pump or electricity 
  • The AquaRO50 system takes up very little space and can be easily mounted horizontally or vertically for convenience 
  • Quick and simple cartridge changeout with 1/4” push-fit connections
Materials of Construction 
Membrane: Polyamide Thin-Film 
Composite Brine Seal: EPDM 
O-rings: EPDM 
Membrane Housing: Polypropylene
System Features 
  • 5 micron sediment inline filter removes suspended solids. 
  • Granular activated carbon inline filter eliminates chlorine and organics. 
  • Thin-film RO membrane rejects 97.5% of dissolved salts, which includes heavy metals such as cadmium, zinc and mercury. Membrane also significantly reduces nitrates.
Technical Data 
Minimum Operating Temperature (ºC):  4
Maximum Operating Temperature (ºC): 38
Minimum Operating Pressure (bar): 2.8
Maximum Operating Pressure (bar): 6.8
Nominal Salt Rejection (%) at Pressure (bar):  97.5 @ 3.6 
Maximum Recommended Recovery (%): 25 
pH Range: 2 – 11 
Permeate Flow Rate (lpd): 225 
Membrane Size: 1812 
Box Dimensions H x W x D (mm): 375 x 195 x 115 
Boxed System Weight (kg): 4.8
Included in Box 
1. System 
• 5 micron sediment inline filter 
• 20 micron granular activated carbon inline filter 
• Multi-layered polyamide thin-film membrane
• Membrane housing 
• Flow restrictor 
• Flush valve  
Accessories (included) 
2. Shut off valve 
3. 5 metres of tubing 
4. Saddle valve 
5. Membrane housing spanner 
6. Mounting clips 
7. System manual
Recommended Change out 
Sediment Inline Filter 6 months* 
Granular Activated Carbon 6 months* 
Membrane 12 months* 
*dependant upon conditions and usage
Replacement Parts 

Sediment/Granular Activated Carbon inline filter twinpack 
SRO Membrane
ERO 1812 Membrane 
SRO-1812-50 (50 GPD)
SRO-1812-100 (100GPD)
SRO Membrane


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