Apex Neptune Systems Trident Reagents – 6 Month Supply


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Neptune System’s Replacement Reagent Kit comes with everything you need to change out the reagents for the Trident Marine Water Analyzing System. Each kit comes with new bottles that can be placed directly into the Trident’s reagent holder and only takes a few minutes to exchange the old for the new.

Amount of Tests: Based on the default testing schedule of 4x alkalinity, 2x calcium, and 2x magnesium tests per day, each of the 3 supplied reagent kits will last approximately 2-months before a new reagent is required.

720x Alkalinity Tests (reagent changed every month) 360x Calcium Tests (reagent changed every 2-month) 360x Magnesium Tests (reagent changed every 2-month)

Note: Neptune Systems recommends keeping on hand no more Trident reagent than you might expect to consume within the next 12 months.

What’s Included?

6x Reagent A
3x Reagent B
3x Reagent C
3x Seawater Calibration Sample

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